Interstellar Holdings

We are a company revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market. through the creation of our HOLD coin. HOLD is intended to be a one-step solution to investing in the cryptomarket, making it simple and easy for anyone to invest in this space. We have adopted an approached used by the news spy - aktien-blog software, which has been adopted by millions of Bitcoin investors!


Our wallets are functional, easy to use, and available for Windows, MAC, and Linux clients. Find out more about them here!


For more information on the future direction and progression of our company, check out our roadmap.


Our whitepaper includes a lot of important information about us and our HOLD coin. So be sure to check it out!

About Us

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Our Team



Azuraes is the founder of Interstellar Holdings, and is the director of this initiative. He is a successful entrepreneur in the online marketing space.


Community Manager

Shirou has ample previous work experience managing departments and network systems. He is the main link between our community and the development team.


Pool Manager

Tross is skilled in the management and development of crypto pools. He has previous work experience with the US Army and has developed pool for other POS coins. 

POS Monkey

Promotion Manager

POS Monkey has ample experience with marketing and promotion in the cryptocurrency space. He is also the founder of a successful crypto blog and is well known for his work.


Lead Software Developer

Konez2k is a veteran software developer and a serial entrepreneur. He is well versed in several coding languages and is an excellent addition to our team.   


Investment Advisor/ Web Admin

Lmaan786 is a biomedical engineer with previous experience managing a multi-million dollar non-for-profit organization. His experience is a valuable asset to our project.

Dr. Lambo

Marketing Strategist

Dr. Lambo is the successful owner of the start up Advantage Blockchain, and is skilled at marketing and promotion in the crypto space. He is an excellent addition to our team.


Pool Manager

Ryuspb is the CEO of a trade company and has previous work experience in IT and pool development. He has worked on several successful crypto projects and is a valuable asset to our team.


Block Explorer Manager

Rekardo is highly talented with many programming languages including C, C++, PHP, Java, and many others. His skills and experience are excellent for our team. 


Advisor and Bot Developer

Lionz is the founder and CEO of Coincraft, specializing in bot development and coin startups. He has ample cryptodevelopment experience and also helped develop the Bitcoin Superstar exchange. He is one of the best in his field.

Mr. Backwards

Investment Advisor

Mr. Backwards, heads a successful private cryptoinvestment fund and has played a vital role in the startup of many new POS coins. His skills are a useful asset for our project.


Page Manager

Sirbond has stellar previous work experience from previous cryptocurrency projects. He is skilled in software development, especially working with the android operating system. 


Financial Advisor

SidtheKid has ample work experience managing investment portfolios and several departments within corporations. His previous experience makes him a valuable asset to the team.  

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